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Wednesday, September 09 2015

Verse of the Day


“…through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” [Genesis 22:18 – NIV 1984]


I like word games even though I’m not always as good at them as my family and friends seem to be. Anyway, today’s title has two meanings and ironically (or perhaps not), the subject of this devotional speaks to both. Often we speak of the personal, intimate things associated with a family as “family matters.” Also, we know that family is important and has true significance and meaning, so it “matters.” So how does this fit into our life as the family of God? Let’s take a look.


In today’s passage God tells Abraham that through his lineage all nations of the world will be blessed. This is a direct reference to Jesus, the Messiah. What could matter more than your salvation? Jesus, our Lord and Savior, died to save us from our sins. Thanks to Him, we are children of God! So you see, family really does matter; especially when you are blessed to be a member of the Body of Christ!

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