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Daily Devotionals from Grace in the Workplace
Friday, March 20 2020

Verse of the Day

The one who stays on the job has food on the table; the witless chase whims and fancies. [Proverbs 12-11 – MSG]

There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer; in fact, most successful entrepreneurs are dreamers and visionaries. If you’re a dreamer, great. But just to be clear, there’s a big difference between a dreamer and a slacker. You might be a slacker if you: are chasing the impossible dream, live with your parents after the age of 30, are a professional student, or are underemployed by choice. Today’s passage from Proverbs says it best, “the witless chase whims and fancies.”

Contrast the life of a slacker with someone who applies themselves at work. If you are diligent and hardworking, you are capable of providing for yourself, your family, and others. You are making a difference in life. The real issue of living life as a slacker is one of stewardship. You are wasting the talents and abilities that God has blessed you with. If, deep down, you know that you are “chasing whims and fancies,” then it’s not too late to get your life back on track and get right with God. He has a Plan for you!

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