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Wednesday, November 29 2017

Verse of the Day

Then Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for every man of the Egyptians sold his field, because the famine was severe upon them. [Genesis 47:20 – NKJV]

Many of us pride ourselves in our ability to make the tough decisions in life; we believe that we are truly gifted problem solvers. Whether at work, at home or elsewhere, we know how to step up and get it done. Moreover, we are confident that not only do we end up with a good result, but it’s the right result to boot. But, is it really? By whose standards are our solutions judged—the world’s or God’s?

In today’s passage, Joseph “bought the land of Egypt for Pharaoh.” At first blush, this seems like a harsh and unjust result. Is it fair that Pharaoh got even more wealth and power at the expense of his people? Was the “era of big government” about to begin in Egypt? What was Joseph doing anyway? Was this really a decision that came from God? Well, let’s delve into the background of the passage for the answers.

God gave Joseph the ability to interpret dreams, which he put to good use when he predicted that Pharaoh’s dream about the seven fat cows and seven gaunt cows was in actuality a harbinger of seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of extreme famine (see Genesis 41). Recognizing that there was “no one so discerning and wise as [Joseph],” Pharaoh appointed him as governor with power and authority equal to his own. Joseph was tasked with saving Egypt, but there was much more to the story. God used this situation to save His chosen people, Israel, and to build them into a great nation. And, what may look like a power grab by Pharaoh was in reality God saving the people of Egypt from starvation and certain death.

Just to be clear, God is part of every decision we make. His will and His result are paramount. Lest we think that somehow our bosses at work are more concerned about a secular, earthy “correct” answer, never fear. God’s way is the right way regardless of whether you are at work or at home. Look at the result that Joseph got. It was the “right” one for the world and the right one for God. So make sure that you consult with your Boss when you face decisions; you’ll be glad you did!

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