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Grace in the Workplace
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At Grace in the Workplace Ministries we are called to share God’s Word in the workplace. God’s love is irresistible and He makes Himself known to the unbelievers of the world, but it is our role as Christians to help the process along. God uses us to spread His Word. So, you might say that we are responsible for spreading the knowledge of God’s grace in the workplace. We want to encourage Believers to take the Great Commission to heart and spread the Good News. God’s grace truly is amazing!

Worship while you work!

John Callahan
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John Callahan, a retired tax lawyer, founded Grace in the Workplace Ministries in 2012 in response to God’s call to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in business and corporate settings across the United States and around the world. John’s testimony combines his personal experiences as a workplace minister with his God-given gift for writing colorfully and compellingly about God's Word. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Sharon and their cats.

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