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Grace in the Workplace
Why Workplace Ministry?

Welcome to our website! Everyone is familiar with the Great Commission, Christ commanding us to “make disciples of all nations.” We know the “hot spots” for mission work – Uganda, China, Somalia, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, India, Costa Rica, Belize, and on and on. Lost souls are here at home too, so we travel to Detroit, New York, Newark, Los Angles, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, and other cities to share the Good News with those who have given up hope. Finally, we spend time in our local communities witnessing to the homeless, the poor, the sick and others in need. And yet we often overlook one of the most promising mission opportunities – the workplace! That’s right, many of our friends and coworkers are lost. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to win souls for Jesus – you can start at work! When you get up in the morning and head to work, never forget that you are on a mission trip!

John's New Book, Bountiful Grace, Has Arrived!

In Bountiful Grace, GITW founder John Callahan, takes you on an inspirational journey through the church year. Please click here for more information about Bountiful Grace and where it’s available for purchase.

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